• How well do you know your organisation? Are you on track with the implementation of new initiatives and strategies? What skills do your leaders need to be effective in their roles? How engaged are your employees?

    These are just some of the questions that organisations wrestle with. The simplest and most effective way to find out about your organisation is by asking the right questions to the right people. Utilising our range of assessments and surveys we can support you to develop a deeper understanding of where your leaders, employees and organisation are really at.

    The range of assessments and surveys we can provide are designed to be easy to administer, practical and easy to interpret. We will work with your organisation to customise our assessments and surveys to ensure we are asking the right questions to obtain the information you really need.

    Some of the current assessments and surveys we offer are listed below. However, if your organisation has a more specialised need, we can design an assessment or survey that best meets your need.

    • Organisational Risk & Readiness Assessment
    • Change Readiness Assessment
    • Leadership Skills Assessment
    • Evidence Based Leadership (EBL) survey
    • 360 degree feedback surveys
    • Team Profile Surveys – we are accredited providers of Team Management Systems (TMP)

    Our assessments and surveys utilise web-based applications, making them easy to use and efficient in collating results and data.

    When leaders are aware of what their employees think and the pulse of their organisation they can identify and respond to the changes required to move their organisation forward. Surveys and assessments are an important part of this process. Equally critical is interpreting the results and planning strategies and actions to move forward.

    At Huron Studer Group the support doesn’t end when the results are in, we partner with you to understand your data, prepare for the changes required and co-design the next steps, in order to achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

    Contact us to find out about our range of assessments and surveys and discuss the benefits for your organisation.