• A robust Governance framework incorporates the organisations processes, practices, policies and procedures. It serves to guide the direction, performance, compliance and outcomes of your organisation.¬†

    Governance within an organisation determines how services are delivered and has a direct impact on the quality and safety of care.  It influences the way decisions are made and the transparency, monitoring and communication across your organisation. This important framework holds your leaders  accountable for continuously improving operations, processes, performance and outcomes.

    How aligned is your organisation? Is there clarity about your direction, accountability for performance and outcomes and adherence with standards, regulations and policies? Are relationships and responsibilities established between your executive, employees and consumers?

    Embedding a robust Governance system in your organisation supports you to set, monitor and improve the performance or your organisation and ensure the importance of quality and safety of care remains at the heart of what you do.

    We work at all levels of your organisation from the board to front line workers, across both corporate and clinical governance.

    Our team can assist you to:

    • Embed accountability and alignment mechanisms
    • Ensure transparency over decision making
    • Build highly effective boards
    • Monitor and maintain compliance with standards and legislation
    • Set the future direction through strategic planning
    • Establish committee structures that are responsive to change
    • Implement tools to support communication and openness
    • Develop leaders that model the organisations values, behaviours & ethics

    Contact us to find out how we can support your organisation to build and embed robust governance at all levels of your organisation.