• Our experienced team have worked in senior management and executive positions within the industry and understand the pressures and challenges of these roles. We recognise that managers are often promoted into leadership roles with little formal preparation and sometimes with little support available to assist. There may also be members of your management team struggling with the demands of their roles.

    Setting your leaders up for success requires an investment of time and support at the commencement of their role in addition to ongoing development and support. As such we provide tailored support for both Onboarding and Manager/Executive Development.


    Starting a new role or joining a new organisation is overwhelming for any new employee, even more so for managers who often need to hit the ground running. Ensuring managers are brought up to speed quickly is crucial to the performance of your organisation and retention of your new employee.

    Onboarding is more than orientation to the building, best coffee and photocopy room – although these things help! Onboarding is ensuring that your managers acquire the necessary skills, behaviour and knowledge to become effective in their role. Get it right and your new managers will quickly feel a valued part of the team and anxiety will be reduced, allowing them to get on with the job. They will also develop their understanding of the organisation and how their role contributes to its culture and performance.

    If you truly want to transform your organisation – start with the end in mind, lay important foundations through a comprehensive onboarding program.

    Manager/Executive Development

    The ongoing development of your managers doesn’t stop once they finish their orientation and onboarding. Regardless of whether you are a front line supervisor or Senior Executive, the development of your managers is an ongoing journey. To be truly effective, managers need to be able to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Effective manager/executive development programs can then best meet their needs alongside the needs of the organisation.

    Our Manager/Executive development programs are co-designed with you to ensure knowledge, theory and principles are integrated into the real world of your organisation.

    Our team can provide Manager Development and onboarding programs to support:

    • Emerging Leaders
    • Front line Supervisors
    • Managers
    • Executives
    • Directors
    • Chief Executive Officers and boards

    Through our work with managers at all levels within an organisation, we have identified the need to have tailored development and onboarding for both managers and executive leaders.

    We offer the following customised approaches to ensure we best support the individual needs of your managers:

    Manager Development and Onboarding 

    By utilising Huron Studer Group’s Leadership Skills Assessments and 360 feedback profiles we can design our support to meet both the needs of the individual and the organisation. We will customise a program of Manager Development, Onboarding programs and/or Mentoring that will develop the skill set of your managers. We go beyond the theory to offer your managers ongoing practical advice and tools that support them to fulfil their role.

    Executive Development and Onboarding

    While most organisations acknowledge the importance of Executive Development, Onboarding and Mentoring, few have the time, capacity or resources to truly support this ongoing journey. There are many factors that impact on an executive’s performance and longevity in the role, however strong onboarding and development programs provide the foundation for long term success.

    Executives require a unique and tailored approach to their development and onboarding. Utilising a combination of assessments, profiles, interviews and feedback processes we will work with your Executive to assess their capabilities and identify areas for development, in order to set them up for success.

    Do you want to accelerate the performance of your managers/executives? Contact us to find out how we can support your managers to take the next step in their leadership journey.