• Zero harm in healthcare.  No clinician wants to harm patients, and yet as an industry we do in huge numbers.  Could a vision of zero harm in healthcare be possible?

    Organisations that work and operate every day in high risk environments and avoid significant adverse events are known as High Reliability Organisations (HRO’s). Our study of and experience with other industries and organisations that achieve high levels of safety within hazardous environments has equipped us with the skills to support your organisation on its HRO journey.

    A High Reliability Organisation (HRO) creates consistent, reliable and repeatable processes, building a culture of transparency, while aligning and strengthening leadership to cultivate resilience and prioritise safety.

    Beyond system standardisation we will work with you to assess your organisation, develop strategies and implement realistic action plans and strategies.  By bringing together culture, quality and safety with aligned systems and processes we can work towards zero harm.

    You can find out more about our High Reliability Organisations (HRO ) approach here:

    High Reliability Organisations

    For those organisations not yet ready for a full HRO journey, we provide a range of services across the areas of Quality, Safety, Accreditation and Governance.