• Keeping everyone focused and on topic can be difficult particularly when there is a high investment in the outcome. Complex discussions and differing viewpoints can create tension and inhibit the process and outcomes. Having a skilled facilitator can enable the group to gain clarity, reduce the tension and create healthy debate and discussion.

    Why not consider using an external facilitator, someone who can remain neutral, manage the discussions and ensure your group’s objectives are met.  Good facilitation can make the difference between reaching a successful outcome and wasting everyone’s time.

    At Huron Studer Group we provide highly skilled facilitators for any business need and advanced facilitator training for in house staff.

    Our team takes pride in their role as a facilitator and genuinely enjoy supporting organisations to generate ideas and solutions and guide you through to successful outcomes.

    With your objectives in mind, our team will:

    • Ensure your group’s objectives are met
    • Facilitate and support participant engagement
    • Design the process and assist with creating an agenda
    • Guide and manage team discussions
    • Facilitate the development of follow up actions and plans

    We have a wide range of industry expertise and can match the right facilitator to your organisation to support you to effectively host:

    • Staff and consumer forums
    • Meetings and team discussions
    • Service and clinical reviews
    • Board and executive planning sessions and retreats
    • Leadership development days
    • Events