• Huron Studer Group recognise the need for leaders to access individual professional coaching or mentoring in order to focus on their career development, set goals for their future and develop to their full potential.  Our experienced coaches work alongside leaders to develop and execute a plan customised to both the individual and their organisation's priorities, in order to produce real results.

    Our coaches will assist, challenge and encourage your leaders to identify their strengths and areas of opportunity and support their leadership development. Whether it is short term coaching to focus on a specific area of development or a more ongoing coaching partnership to develop your skills in leadership and management, our team has the expertise and knowledge to support your development.

    Many leaders find themselves in leadership roles often without training or experience. Whether you are an emerging leader or senior executive, finding a mentor with the right experience and skills to support you on your leadership journey can be challenging. With hands-on experience in leadership roles, our team at Huron Studer Group has the knowledge and background to provide mentoring at all levels of leadership.

    Coaching and mentoring has shown enormous benefits to the confidence, leadership and effectiveness of the leaders we have partnered with. Leaders value the personalised, external accountability provided by our coaches and the industry experience and expertise they share.

    Are you stepping into a new role, taking on a new project, or wanting to be more effective in your role?  Get in touch to learn more about our coaching and mentoring options and we will connect you with one of our specialist coaches.