• Huron Studer Group provides coaching and consultancy services to support hospitals, healthcare services, primary and community health, aged care, disability providers, diagnostics, dental organisations, primary health networks, doctors and health care group leaders at all levels by utilising a detailed framework and practical tools and tactics that create change.

    Our unique approach is based on the following principles:

    The Healthcare Flywheel

    The starting point for creating momentum for change by engaging the passion of employees to achieve results.


    Nine Principles® of Behaviour

    The road map to help leaders navigate the journey to developing a culture of excellence


    Five Pillar Approach

    The foundation for setting organisational goals and ensuring alignment and accountability within your organisation.

    Through implementing this approach we have shown that when organisations set goals, invest in their leaders and hold them accountable to the organisations goals and values, an organisation will be successful in fulfilling its mission and improving their culture and performance.

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