• Do you want to improve the quality and safety of care? Investing in the learning and development of your employees is crucial to achieve these outcomes and transform your organisation. Leadership, communication, collaboration and change management are just some of the important skills required by leaders today. To respond and adapt to the rapid and continuous change we are facing, there is an increasing need to build a culture of continuous learning and a strong commitment to developing these skills in your employees.

    Why is it important?

    Investing in Learning and Development brings many advantages to your employees and your organisation including:

    • Increased employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.
    • Demonstrates commitment to your employees, building confidence and trust in your organisation.
    • Equipping and empowering employees with the skills they need to perform in their role.
    • Improving quality and safety and minimising risk through ensuring competency of your employee.
    • Improving the performance of your organisation through development of your employees efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Aligning the goals and performance of your organisation with the goals, capacity and capability of your employees.
    • Improving patient, customer and resident satisfaction through development of communication and customer service skills.
    How can we support your organisation?

    Our highly experienced team can support your organisation to:

    • Identify skill gaps in your organisation.
    • Assess the development needs of your employees¬†and align to your organisation.
    • Co-design customised programs.
    • Deliver tailored Learning & Development programs.
    • Develop and implement learning and development strategies and programs.
    • Design and deliver interactive learning programs including hands on and experiential learning.
    • Align leadership development programs to National frameworks and capabilities.
    • Tailor ¬†learning development programs to meet the needs of Front Line managers to Senior Executive.
    • Build your capacity to identify, grow and develop emerging leaders.
    • Facilitate leadership days and events.
    Learning & Development Options

    Our team has extensive experience developing and providing learning and development options that align the development goals of your employees with the goals and priorities of your organisation. We have a range of options available and will work with you to ensure these are customised to best meet your needs.

    Some of our options include:

    • Management training courses and workshops
    • Leadership Development Programs and sessions
    • Experiential learning sessions and programs
    • Individual Manager/Leader Assessments, Profiles and Programs
    • Team Assessment, Profiles and Programs
    • Leadership Development Days
    • Leaders in Transition
    • Manager/Executive Onboarding Programs
    • Manager/Executive Coaching and Mentoring

    We also offer customised workshops on a range of topics including:

    • Managing difficult conversations
    • Communication and feedback
    • Change management
    • Presenter training
    • Managing for performance
    • High Reliability Organisations
    • Leadership Excellence
    • Leader Immersion

    We can deliver all of our programs in house or at a venue that suits you. Alternatively we host a number of events and conferences which you can view on our events page.