• Often an organisation needs support and additional resources in order to achieve their strategy and deliver on its objectives. Huron Studer Group provides a coaching and consultancy service where we partner with your organisation over short, medium or long terms to achieve targeted, measurable outcomes. Coaching partnerships help organisations establish and accelerate leadership excellence and cultural transformation.

    Through a combination of focused commitment from leaders and our coaching model, organisations have shown significant improvements in clinical outcomes, patient and consumer experience, financial performance, employee engagement and other key metrics.

    Our Programs may involve a combination of the following:

    • Strategic planning and facilitation
    • On-site training and development
    • Development of an implementation plan
    • On-site coaching
    • Project Management support
    • Change management advice and implementation
    • Measurement of progress and results

    Two of our most successful programs are:

    Evidence-Based Leadershipâ„  Partnering Program

    In our Evidence-Based Leadershipâ„  Partnering Program, we partner with organisations that want to hardwire their organisation for long-term sustainable change. This program offers organisations the necessary skills, tools and processes to transform their culture and performance.

    During this program we work with organisations over an extended period with a focus on

    • Clarifying the success factors for the organisation
    • Applying an Evidence-Based Leadershipâ„  Execution Framework to ensure focus on key organisational goals and development of staff to meet these goals
    • Hardwiring and accountability framework to ensure execution of strategy and deliver high performance
    • Implementing proven tactics to drive performance.

    Focused Partnership Programs

    Focused partnerships are short to medium term partnering programs that focus on implementing and embedding particular skills, tactics or processes. As part of this program we partner with you to co-design a program, train and develop key people in your organisation to implement in your workplace.

    Some of our most successful Focused Partnerships have included:

    • Alignment and Accountability
    • Patient/Client/Resident Experience
    • Communication
    • Employee engagement, selection and recruitment
    • Customer service