• The key to sustaining improvement lies in the on-going development of leaders in their capacity and capability to achieve the organisations goals and ensure a system of accountability.

    At Huron Studer Group we assist our partners to create customised strategies and plans that align their leaders and employees to the organisation’s goals and key priorities.

    Through implementing a framework for cascading goals and building mutual accountability our partners have achieved and sustained significant culture and performance improvements. Many of our partners have utilised Studer’s Evidence-Based Leadership℠ Execution Framework to align their organisation and support their change journey.

    Our processes work because we ensure that:

    • Partners are aligned to their strategy and focused on their outcome goals
    • Together we review and monitor objective measures of performance
    • We support the organisation to articulate and communicate their purpose
    • Behaviours and expectations are aligned to the organisations values and role modelled by the leadership team
    • We facilitate the implementation of well tested and successfully implemented tools and tactics that work in the ‘real world’ and bring about successful change