• With increasing populations and an ageing population, we are seeing higher numbers of patients presenting to the Emergency Department (ED). Resources continue to be stretched as organisations strive to continue to deliver high quality care under challenging circumstances.

    We offer a range of services including partnerships, coaching, ED simulation exercises, workshops and supporting materials to help your ED meet its operational demands. We can support you to deliver a high-quality service whilst attaining Emergency Treatment Performance (ETP), meeting ambulance off-load times and managing budget and resource pressures.

    Our highly experienced team will partner with your organisation to:

    • Diagnose flow challenges and improve efficiency
    • Hardwire communication tools that calm and reassure patients, reduce Did Not Waits/Left Without Treatment rates and minimise preventable readmissions
    • Drive employee engagement and collaboration within the ED and broader hospital
    • Review staff rostering
    • Conduct a comprehensive service review
    • Improve & support Human Resource Management
    • Improve ED patient experience and satisfaction