• Are you looking to enhance accountability, align your organisations goals or capture real time feedback from staff, patients and consumers? Our robust software applications are designed for healthcare, disability and aged care services looking to accelerate the implementation of tactics that improve communication, feedback and performance.

    Our easy to use software provides visibility and transparency of feedback, outstanding actions and progress against goals. Accessing feedback, data and reports is simple, allowing you to be responsive to the needs of your organisation and take the action required to make positive change.

    Our current software solutions include:

    Huron Rounding

    Do you have pieces of paper with scribbled notes and people to thank, forget important feedback as you rush to your next meeting or lie awake wondering whether an issue has been resolved? Do you want to capture feedback from patients, consumers and residents and easily access and analyse the information ?

    If this sounds like you, Huron Rounding may be just the solution you are looking for.

    Huron Rounding is a web-based product used to improve communication, capture feedback and close the loop on actions taken. It is currently used by more than 800 organisations across North America, Canada and Australia.

    Huron Rounding Accelerators allows your organisation to obtain and utilise data directly from staff and patients to:

    • Diagnose and report issues
    • Highlight opportunities for improvement
    • Capture feedback on what is working well
    • Reward and recognise those staff going above and beyond.
    • Empower you staff and foster innovation
    • Improve staff and patient engagement

    For organisations currently manually recording rounding conversations, this software allows you to easily and quickly collect data that assists with improving the patient experience and increasing staff engagement and satisfaction.

    Leader Evaluation Manager® (LEM)

    Getting the accountability system right is foundational to the success of your organisation. This organisational wide software application automates your  alignment processes for goals and actions, and records overall outcomes. LEM® is designed to foster stronger alignment, enhance accountability and improve performance against your strategy and priorities. LEM® provides visibility and simplicity to holding leaders accountable for key performance indicators and outcomes.

    The Leader Evaluation Manager® provides the following features:

    • Standardised organisational templates
    • Real time tracking of results
    • Tracking and management of strategies
    • Simple reports, dashboards and aggregate scoring
    • Monthly report card metrics
    • Robust reporting on compliance
    • Weighted metrics to support leaders to know where to focus their time

    Consistency is key to building strong alignment and accountability. LEM® provides an easy to use platform which supports you to ensure all your leaders are on the same page.

    Validation Matrix

    The Validation Matrix™ allows you to track behaviours and key performance indicators where high levels of organisational compliance are required. As you implement new tactics, verifying compliance with the application of these new behaviours can be monitored and recorded through the Validation Matrix™.

    The Validation Matrix™ can be implemented as part of the Leader Evaluation Manager® application or as a stand alone product. If you really want to take alignment and accountability to the next level then the Validation Matrix™ may be just what you need.

    Interested in finding out more about Huron Rounding, Leader Evaluation Manager® and Validation Matrix™? Want to know more about embedding Rounding or the Leader Evaluation Process into your organisation?

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